George Styler

George Styler is London based Serbian designer. Graduated from College of Textile – Design, Technology and Management in Belgrade, holds a diploma in apparel design and textile design.

He is bringing his world ethno style to an international stage. He first caught the attention of the fashion world with his debut collection Captivity at Fashionclash 2012 and International Fashion Showcase – London Fashion Week 2013. By 2016, George Styler has received 6 awards for his contribution to fashion.

His designs combine knitwear with other styles and aim to convey a certain message. His collections are sociological studies expressed through fashion where words and phrases are replaced by clothing of expressive, communicative powers. George Styler is Ones to Watch Winner of Season AW14 at Fashion Scout London (London Fashion Week). His pieces have been featured in Vogue, GLAMOUR, The Wild, SLAVE, VANGARDIST, Huf, Dominus, GLASSbook, Esquire, ZINK, Harper’s Bazar, Hello, Elle, Dark Beauty, Fashion Affair, Fashion Shift, Defuze, Meade, Best Shop, The New York Times,  and the front covers of New African Woman and Unfolded magazines.

In collaboration with Sirogojno Style he created unique pieces exclusively showcased at London Fashion Week.